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6 Clever Ways to Cut Down on Moving Costs

Are you shocked by the cost of moving to a new home?

Whether you are moving your entire family to a new state or are a senior who is downsizing your home, the cost of moving can be a huge blow to your budget.

This post explores the costs of hiring professional movers and provides you with 6 handy ways you can cut down your moving costs.

Why is Moving so Expensive?

Moving isn’t always easy or practical. Hiring a full-service moving company gives you the peace of mind knowing that you have trained professionals moving your things quickly and safely. This expertise comes at a cost, however, and the logistics of the time and effort required for your move also affects the cost.

Factors That Influence The Cost of a Move Include:

  • Fuel Cost
  • Travel Time
  • Amount of Belongings
  • Storage
  • Moving Supplies
  • Moving Date
  • Insurance

Household Moving Cost Estimates By The AMSA

The American Moving and Storage Association is a great resource for finding reputable movers in your area, as well as tips for ensuring you have a smooth moving experience. They have listed average costs for household moves both within and out of state to give people a sense of how much they can expect to pay for professional moving services.

How Much do Movers Cost For a Local Move?

The average cost of a local household move is $2,300, calculated at 4 movers at $200 per hour.

How Much Does it Cost to Move Out of State?

The average cost of an out of state household move is $4,300, based on a weight of 7,400 pounds and an average distance of 1,225 miles.

6 Ways to Reduce The Cost of Moving

If you don’t like the numbers that come up when you use a moving cost calculator, try one of these six handy ways to reduce the cost of your move.

1. Sell Things You Don’t Need

If your house is full of things that you don’t use or want, you don’t have to bring them with you. Use the Marie Kondo method of decluttering to help you say goodbye to old clothes and other items, and sell them to help finance your move!

2. The DIY Method

If you are comfortable driving a truck, why not rent one and move yourself? Grab willing friends and family and bring them along for the ride. Make sure you look into all the costs associated with truck rental including how far you plan to drive, how many days you need it, and where you plan to drop it off.

3. Choose a Cheaper Moving Date

Movers are always busier at the end of the week, and in particular at the end of the month when people are getting occupancy on new homes. If you can afford to be flexible, choosing a mid-week or mid-month moving date can be a lot cheaper.

4. Find Free Boxes and Supplies

Rather than rely on the moving company to provide your boxes and protective wrapping, see if you can find these items for free. Big box chains, offices, schools or recycling centers may be able to provide you with what you need at no cost.

5. Try a Moving Pod Company

If you want someone to move your belongings but are willing to do packing and unloading yourself, try a moving pod company. They will drop off the pod to your home, you load it up, they drive it to your new place, and then you unload it.

6. Shop Around and Look For DIscounts

Don’t go with the first mover you see, make sure you shop around for the best quote from movers in your area. In order to get an accurate quote, you should make movers aware of all your belongings and any fragile items that might require extra care. Also, consider that organizations you are a member of such as AAA may provide you with special rates.

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