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How to Plan a Special Family Vacation on a Budget

Disney World or Universal Studios may be financially out of reach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take your family somewhere special this year.

You can plan the trip of a lifetime on a shoestring budget if you know when and where to look. This post aims to help you make the most of your kids’ break from school with vacations that both they, you and your partner will love.

Read on to learn how to plan a family vacation on a budget.


Cheap Family Beach Vacations


If you and your family love the sun and surf and want to save money, look to beach destinations that are a bit off the radar. The US has lots of beach destinations near major cities where locals go but the larger population doesn’t know about.

Travel to one of these cities to find cheaper prices on hotels and still have plenty of pristine ocean coastline to explore.


The Beaches of Delaware

Delaware may be small but offers calm Atlantic beaches, lots of history and local charm. Visit the boardwalks and shops, and go for long walks on the beach. Take your family on a whale watch or go kayaking, and then head back to the beach to take in the radiant sunsets.

Learn more on Delaware’s tourism site.


South Padre Island – Texas

Mild all year round, the beaches here are pristine and you get the added benefit of Texas hospitality and cuisine. There is a lot of variety in the activities available here to suit the interest of any family. Go explore the scenic sand dunes, local museums, nature tours, boat tours, and fishing tours.

Learn more on the South Padre tourism site.


Cannon Beach – Oregon

National Geographic has placed Cannon Beach in their 21 best beaches in the world and 100 most beautiful places in the world categories. This panoramic setting will capture your imagination with miles of beaches and hikes within reach and stunning rock formations jutting out of the ocean.

Learn more on the Cannon Beach tourism site.


Look to Local Freshwater Beaches

Don’t limit your beach vacation search to the US coast. There are plenty of freshwater beach destinations that offer a resort-town feel that you can consider as well. If there are none on your radar, do a search and see if any family-friendly local beach towns exist nearby.


Last-Minute Family Resorts and Cruises


There is nothing quite as satisfying as taking your family on an all-inclusive vacation with the knowledge you didn’t have to spend a fortune. Despite the short windows kids have to take vacations between school, there are still ways to score cheap last-minute deals in the summer if you watch and wait.

Resorts in hot locales or cruises exploring Mexico or The Bahamas that are packed in winter will have much cheaper prices in the summer. You can also try looking closer to home, choosing local family resorts that don’t require a flight and still offer lots of fun activities.

Many destinations offer last minute deals at the end of summer to try to squeeze in some last minute guests.

Check out the family sections of websites that specialize in last-minute vacations and sign up for their newsletter. Then when hot deals become available that depart near you, they will be sent directly to your inbox.


Here Are Websites That Specialize in Last-Minute Vacations:

Let these websites do the heavy-lifting and take your family on a trip they will never forget.


Drive Locally and Rent a Home or Cottage


If resort living isn’t your style, look to local attractions or towns and use Airbnb to find a good deal on a private home for your family. The advantage of renting a home is that you are generally spending less than a hotel and will save money by making your own food.


Here are some budget-friendly vacation rental trip suggestions:

  • Rent a home or apartment in a metropolitan city and use it as a base to explore the many cultural attractions, food, and museums
  • Experience the local flavor of a nearby small town, and bring or rent bikes to explore the area
  • Stay in or near a state or national park and take advantage of the free kid-friendly programs and tours
  • Book a private cabin on a lake (or go in with another family) with canoes or kayaks to use


Even More Cost-Saving Ideas


We hope this post has given you the inspiration to go out and plan a family vacation that will be remembered fondly for years to come. At RepairCreditQuick we are passionate about helping consumers tackle their debt, and this post is just one of many we’ve written on how to get ahead and save money.

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