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Romantic Vacation Ideas For Couples on a Budget

Being on a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice traveling with your partner this year.

A romantic vacation for two or an anniversary getaway is a great way to reconnect with your beau and fall in love all over again. If you are willing to be flexible in your vacation planning you can have the trip of a lifetime without emptying your savings.

Don’t delay, get away today!

Here are some of our favorite cheap vacation ideas for couples.


Last-Minute Couples Resorts and Cruises


There is nothing quite as satisfying as being on an all-inclusive vacation at a low price. If you are not too picky about where you go, you can often find last-minute deals online for resorts and cruises including flights.

Why not cruise down to Mexico or The Bahamas? Or book a cheap hotel in New York City or London? You would be surprised how cheap these normally expensive options can get, particularly when off-season.

There are plenty of different sites that specialize in last-minute vacations in some of the cheapest places to travel. To find the absolute best deals, sign up for their newsletters. Usually, when you sign up they will ask you what city you live in. Then when hot deals become available that depart near you, they will be sent directly to your inbox.

Here Are Websites That Specialize in Last-Minute Vacations:

You may have to wait a while to find a trip that you and your partner are both excited about. But when you do, it will have been worth the wait.


State or National Parks Near You


If you and your partner are nature lovers, why not look into an outdoor adventure at a nearby state or national park? You don’t need to rough it in a tent – many parks have guest lodges or private cabins in the park grounds or only a short drive away.

No matter what corner of the United States you call home, there is a park near you full of majestic natural landmarks and history.


Mammoth Cave National Park – Kentucky

Park Website

This park is brimming with adventure for you and your partner to enjoy. It features 400 miles of caves to explore and plenty of wilderness allowing for hiking, fishing, canoeing, and horseback riding.


Glacier National Park – Montana

Park Website

Want to meander with your partner through 1,600 square miles of rolling hills, fields of flowers and snow-capped peaks? Glacier National Park has all of these majestical features and plenty of romantic lodges that will make you feel like you’ve journeyed to Switzerland.


Mesa Verde National Park – Colorado

Park Website

If archeology and history are your things, Mesa Verde National Park might be your next stop. You will marvel at the 1,400-year-old ruins of dwellings built high up on canyon walls built by the Pueblo people. When you’re done there, you can hike or ride through the canyons of this gorgeous park.


Yosemite National Park – California

Park Website

Everyone has heard of Yosemite National Park, and with good reason. The giant sequoias and towering cliffs and waterfalls are synonymous with the United States’s natural beauty. There are over 1,200 square miles of forests, meadows, and wilderness to explore.


Off-Season Adventures


If you are willing to travel to destinations during their off-season periods you can save lots of money. Sure it might be cold, but you and your partner will help keep each other warm. You will also avoid crowds in many of these destinations, making them feel even more romantic.


Winter in North American Cities

While most people head south, you can head north.

You can visit the cultural gems of North America on the cheap if you travel during winter. Major cities like Chicago, Boston, New York, and Toronto all see their hotel prices drop drastically during the chilly season.

Sure, you may not want to spend too long walking around outside. But you can take advantage of the many restaurants, theatres, museums and shopping in these metropolitan centers.


Traveling Abroad For Less

You can save money on that romantic trip abroad you’ve been longing for if you are willing to travel off-season. These are just a few travel popular travel destinations and the best times to travel there to save money.

  • The Bahamas: In Autumn you can experience the laid back vibe of The Bahamas at a reduced price.
  • Costa Rica: In Autumn you may see rain in Costa Rica, but the local culture, rainforests, and wildlife are enticing at any time of year.
  • Greece: Travel between March and June to save money and still experience the warm Mediterranian air.
  • Italy: Travel to Italy from November to March to escape the crowds and high prices, while still taking in the wines, food, and culture.
  • Czech Republic: Prague in winter is like exploring a fairytale, with plenty of markets and hidden nooks to explore.
  • South Africa: January to April is Autumn in the southern hemisphere, and also the best time to visit the cities and wildlife of Africa on the cheap.


Even More Cost-Saving Ideas


We hope this post has given you the inspiration to go out and plan a romantic vacation with your loved one. At RepairCreditQuick we are passionate about helping consumers tackle their debt, and this post is just one of many we’ve written on how to get ahead and save money.

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